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Registration Scholarship

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

The SHARE Global Health Foundation strongly believes in the value of diverse

and inclusive participation to ensure broad capacity building. Therefore, the Conference on Liver Disease in Africa 2021 provides an opportunity to apply for a scholarship for a waived registration fee.

Apply here:

Deadline: 31 August 2021 at 23:59 SAST/CAT/CEST.

The applicant should be matched with at least one of the below criteria:

- Healthcare Professionals from Resource-Limited Settings;

- Government Representatives;

- NGO Representatives;

- Young Investigators.

Document to submit for the application:

- Complete the scholarship application form (required);

- Curriculum Vitae (required);

- Recommendation letter from your organization (optional);

- Complete the Young Investigator form (required for Young Investigators).

The scholarship application must be submitted via the online application portal before 31 August, 23:59 CEST/SAST/CAT.

What is expected from the scholarship recipients?

- All scholarship awardees are required to attend the full conference

- Must have completed the daily and overall conference evaluation;

- A 15 seconds video sharing your experience in the Conference on Liver Disease in Africa or a written quote on how you recommend this conference to your colleagues;

Please be aware that the complimentary registration slots are limited. Please contact Lara da Silva Miguel at should you need further information.

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