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Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals from middle and low-income countries and in doing so, promote global health and facilitate knowledge exchange between public and private institutions.

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Our vision is a world where access to cure and quality of care is independent of location, social status, wealth, gender, race, culture or religion.


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The SHARE Global Health Foundation is dedicated to advancing global health by sharing and implementing expertise and evidence-based knowledge internationally. Therefore, we are delighted to publish additional resources on our website.


On this page, you can find additional resources on HIV and Liver Disease - take advantage and build your capacity today.

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COLDA 2021

Organized by the SHARE Foundation in close collaboration with regional societies, COLDA 2021 aims at empowering healthcare professionals (HCPs) to diagnose, prevent, treat and achieve a cure for liver diseases for the benefit of patients in Africa.


This being the 4th COLDA, we continue to cultivate a platform that provides a unique opportunity for clinicians, researchers, policymakers, industry representatives, and other healthcare professionals in the African region. Together with support from an international community of experts, they will exchange knowledge on the latest developments and achievements in the management of viral hepatitis and liver disease with a special focus on the African context.

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